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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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Lead Model Deployment: Design, implement, and scale production-grade deployment pipelines for large language models in AI-powered chat and search applications.
CI/CD Optimization: Enhance continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, specifically focused on machine learning workflows and the unique demands of AI models.
Cloud Infrastructure Expertise: Drive the development and maintenance of cloud infrastructure to support efficient model training, deployment, and continuous improvement.
Software Development Best Practices: Apply and promote exceptional software development principles to ensure robustness, scalability, and maintainability of machine learning systems.
Data Pipeline Enhancement: Collaborate with the data science team to streamline data pipelines, optimizing the flow of medical, claims, and policy data into AI chat/search services.
Team Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing: Mentor and guide other team members on deployment strategies, tools, and techniques specific to large language models.
Technical Documentation: Create detailed documentation of deployment processes, infrastructure, and best practices to ensure knowledge transfer and system longevity.
Participate in code reviews and technical design discussions.
Stay updated on cutting-edge advancements in machine learning deployment and infrastructure.
Contribute to the team's knowledge base through workshops and presentations.


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Software Development FoundationsLLM Deployment ExperienceCloud ProficiencyCI/CD ExpertiseCollaborative MindsetPassion for AI ApplicationsContainerizationDockerKubernetesAI infrastructure toolsVertex AIKubeflowMlflowNatural Language ProcessingNLP techniquesSpaCyHugging Face TransformersHealthcare domainInsurance domain


Strong Software Development Foundations: Proven experience with Python, SQL, and software engineering principles.
LLM Deployment Experience: Demonstrable experience deploying LLMs in production environments.
Cloud Proficiency: Deep understanding of container-based application deployment within a cloud architecture, ideally within Google Cloud Platform.
CI/CD Expertise: Experience streamlining CI/CD processes for machine learning projects, including model versioning, testing, and monitoring.
Collaborative Mindset: Ability to work effectively with data scientists, engineers, and stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle.
Passion for AI Applications: A genuine enthusiasm for transforming complex data into powerful AI-driven chat and search tools.


Experience with containerization technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
Familiarity with AI infrastructure tools (e.g. Vertex AI, Kubeflow, Mlflow, etc.)
Experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and libraries (e.g., spaCy, Hugging Face Transformers, etc.)
Background in the healthcare or insurance domain


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