About Us

Our Mission

We empower you with equal opportunities to build your dream career.

Applying to numerous jobs without a clear strategy won't lead you to your ideal role. Using jobright's AI job search copilot will effectively connect you to the best, most promising possibilities. Then, we will guide you every step of the way so the offer you deserve can come sooner. Welcome to Jobright.

How We’re Fixing The Job Space

In order to fulfill our mission, we are led by these value props.

Meaningful personalization

We will prioritize what matter most to you based on your background and preferences. Only consider job opportunities that match your goals and for which you are well qualified.

Guided coaching

We want to support each step of your job search journey, from refining your resume to offering referral support and optimizing your applications. We will provide you with relevant and actionable feedback as you progress through the job process.

Automate burdensome work

Finding a job can be draining. We want to take away the pain of repetitive and stressful tasks.

Job coverage and reach

Finally, we want to be the only destination for finding your dream opportunity. Providing extensive coverage allows us to confidently show you the newest and never-seen-before jobs.

Why We Started Jobright


In 2021, Jobright's founder, Eric, took an extended trip during his gap year. He traveled to many small and medium-sized cities seeking inspiration for his next venture. Along the way, Eric met over 100 talented young people and, quite unexpectedly, helped 10 of them secure their dream jobs. This experience opened Eric’s eyes: Many talented people lacked fulfilling careers not due to a lack of skill or excellence, but because they didn't have the same access to information and opportunity as those residing in city centers. Simply put, they lacked access to industry experts and career mentors, leading to a glaring inequality in career opportunities.

This insight deeply resonated with Eric. When he discussed it with his Co-Founder Ethan Zheng, an AI expert, Ethan immediately recognized the potential of recent breakthroughs in AI to bridge this gap.

Jobright was created shortly after with a mission: Use AI to empower every professional so that they would have equal opportunities for building their dream careers. Jobright is more than a tool— it is your partner, ensuring a faster and more effective path to your next career move.

Our Values

These core values guide the way our team works

Jobseeker first

We prioritize your needs and outcomes above all else. To ensure we stay close to evolving needs, we speak with jobseekers on a daily basis. When you’re successful, so are we.

Job transparency

We know you want clear and honest information about jobs and companies. We will continue to provide as much relevant information as possible to help you make informed decisions.

Deep user empathy

Looking for a job can be a difficult time. We want to make this experience easy, effective, and empowering for you.


We appreciate you putting your trust in us. We conduct our business with honesty and high ethical standards, especially when it comes to handling data and privacy.


We are a small and mighty team of AI pioneers.


Eric Cheng

Co-Founder & CEO

M.S. in CS from Carnegie Mellon University

Early employee at Box.com, participated in its journey to becoming a unicorn, led the development of several core platform products.

Co-Founder & CEO at Fangcloud: Built Fangcloud from scratch into a leading enterprise file collaboration SaaS platform in China, serving over 50,000 businesses, with funding from top-tier VCs like Lightspeed and Matrix.


Ethan Zheng

Co-Founder & CTO

Ph.D. in AI & DB from The University of Hong Kong

Former head of the local news feed team in Newsbreak, developing and optimizing end-to-end machine learning platform and personalization models for 10 million daily active users.

Former tech lead in Ads ranking at Twitter, covering ads machine learning models, ads pacing, ads funnel optimization.