How to Send a Resume to an Employer with Examples and Templates

Are you still afraid of messaging strangers with resume? Do you still have no idea how to recommend yourself to an employee at a company you’re interested in?

Although a lot of companies accept resumes via online forms, there are job advertisements that may request that you send your resume via email. In this instance, thoroughly study the job advertisement and adhere to any guidelines in order to fulfill the employer’s criteria. Your chances of getting a job or interview can rise if you can send your resume via email and make sure the company receives it.

Be bold and go ahead and try contacting them after reading this Blog.

What is the Process for Internal Referrals?

Generally, companies have an internal referral system. Referrals usually involve someone within the company recommending your resume to be placed in the database. For example, if I work for Microsoft and I want to recommend you, I would fill out a form within the company.

Including: Name, Email address and your strengths and characteristics.

Then, I would submit your resume directly into the system. This completes an internal referral.

Both job applications and internal referrals have separate databases. HR tends to prioritize resumes from the internal referral database, which is why internal referrals can increase your chances of getting an interview.

Please note that:

1) Handing your resume directly to the manager or person in charge of the business line may yield a higher success rate than submitting it to HR, as HR typically does not have the decisive role in hiring decisions.

2) The quality of the resume will to some extent determine the success rate of internal referrals. Internal referrals cannot rescue a poorly crafted resume; the alignment of past experiences is crucial. Therefore, please ensure that your resume is well-prepared before seeking internal referrals.

3) Internal referrals do not necessarily have to be made through acquaintances; most strangers are willing to help.

Resume Content

It is advisable to tailor your resume content according to the job description (JD).

1) Personal Information Section

Ensure clarity in personal information. Basic information such as your name, phone number, and email address should be included. Otherwise, HR may not know how to contact you upon receiving your resume. If the JD explicitly states requirements like “3-5 years of experience in new media operations”, you may also include the start date of your employment in the personal information section to facilitate HR in quickly capturing your information.

2) Work Experience Section

If you are a recent graduate or intern, you can include your internship experience in this section. Clearly describe the companies you worked for, the positions you held, the duration of your employment, your responsibilities during your tenure, the achievements you attained, and any performance metrics. Highlight project highlights and use numbers to express performance results.

3) Self-Evaluation Section

Express your work experience and list the software and areas of expertise you excel in.

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4)Resume Building/Tailoring: 

Tailoring your resume for each job can be exhausting, especially when different companies have varied job descriptions for the same role. makes this process effortless with our AI-powered resume customization.

Email Content

  • If you want to request a referral, first, you should maintain a polite attitude and inquire respectfully, avoiding making the referrer feel pressured.

  • Begin by asking, “Have there been any recent job openings?” and conclude with an expression of anticipation for their reply.

  • Keep the personal information section concise, typically within 3-4 sentences, detailing your current education level and past experiences. At least include:
    • Your past experiences and skills (1-2 sentences)
    • The position you are seeking (1 sentence)
    • Why you believe you are suitable for this position? (1 sentence)

  • It’s best if you can find similarities with the referrer, such as being alumni or having previously studied in the same place, which can increase the likelihood of receiving a response.

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